About Catch Boats AB

"Caring about our nature so it's left to enjoy for future generations., It is our guiding principle as we develop and manufacture our boats" - Thomas Wiberg


Environmental Policy

Catch Boats AB advocates boating adapted to our natures needs. Thus remaining just as wonderful as it is, for recreation and leisure.


It's Catch Boats AB's mission to create products that allow us to enjoy boating with as little environmental impact as possible, having as much freedom as possible.


Through innovative engineering and design, better materials and clever manufacturing processes, we ensure that Catch Boats products have a low environmental impact both during production and in operation. Our boat's light weight makes them work well with smaller engines.


We use suppliers who are dedicated to reducing their environmental impact. We put our production at companies working with environmentally friendly production methods and show respect for the earth's natural resources.


Catch Boats AB will lead the development of an environmentally sustainable boating and in this, work as a model in the boating industry.


Drive your boat with environmentally friendly fuel. It's good for the environment, good for your engine and is worth every penny! Click on the logo to get to Aspen's website where you can read more about alkylate.





We prefer that you choose a Honda when choosing engine to your Catch. Honda's four-stroke engines are powerful, quiet and fuel efficient. All outboard engines in Honda's product range meets the strictest emission standards in the world, CARB 2011. The engines are built in a modern eco-friendly factory which reduces carbon emissions through the use of Honda solar cells. It reduces water through the effective use of rainwater and has zero discharge of waste water in manufacturing. Click on the Honda logo to access the Swedish Honda's page for outboard motors.