Catch 7.5 Walk around (Wa)

Catch 7.5 has a hull designed to provide low propulsion resistance but still maintain space and stability of a broader craft. 

An air channel along the back of the bottom provides for keeping the friction resistance at a low level. The sharp, long bow cleaves the water without contributing to increased wavebuilding resistance. Catch 7.5 is comfortable and stable to drive and ride in. The self-regulating ballast system provides stability and security for the tie-up, both in port or at sea.

Catch 7.5 is strong and rigid. The boats are built with vacuum infusion by Bohusläns most skilled boat builders.

A system of stable along and transverse bottom frames ensure a long life, even with heavy use.


The Catch 7.5 Wa are comfortable and safe seating for everyone. The free space is great with good access to the rail around the entire boat. In the console are plenty of storage space for things you want to keep dry. There is also room for a toilet. The sofa in the driving position is room for more storage.


Catch 7.5 Wa can be supplied with Hard Top, rod holders, plates for downriggers, hefty igloo coolers, toilets and many other accessories directly from the factory.


Through innovative design, unique design solutions and advanced production technology, we create Catch boats, modern Swedish marine quality at it's best, in harmony with the environment!





Scandinavian Boatshow: Boat of the show 2009

Allt för Sjön: New Marine Product Award 2010

Boot Düsseldorf: European Powerboat of the Year 2011



Length 7,20 (7,55 inkl. peke)
Width 2.10 m
Weight 640 kg (empty, no engine or fuel
Trailer weight Under 900 kg with 100hk engine
Engine 60 - 100hk

Max speed

28 - 40 knots
Cruising speed 22 - 34 knots
Fuel tank 55 liters, range ca 120nm
CE category C
Max load

6 people, 966 kg weigth


Construction Thomas Wiberg


Bild: Gunnar Lundmark
Motorboat Monthly Sea trial Bild: Drake Marine Ltd

* In Great Brittain Catch Boats marketed as Evo Boats

Click on table for consumption data. Source: Drake Marine Ltd